Five Mined
Collaboration, part of the artist collective Hive Mind

Installation with single-channel video, five chairs, and stacks of printed poems

Five Mined is an installation based on a three-day travel project by a collective of five artists, Hive Mind.

Etymologically, "tour" derives from Latin and Greek to denote moving around in a circle or around a point of axis. However, the Greek 'tornos' and Latin 'tornare' changed in modern English to mean "one's turn" as suggested by William F. Theobald (1998). The video installation attempts to translate the experience of a collaboration between five different artists. How does the constant change of pace in site-specific art work broaden the scope and context of the participating artists? What in the nature of mobility can be shared with a wider audience? How can the experience of a 'new' and 'different' location, of 'alternative' and 'parallel' space lend itself to the process of collaboration? Each artist brought a poem or text in response to Adrienne Rich's poem Burning Oneself Out. Each reading, in turn, punctuated the trip. The chairs in the installation are each contributed by the artists.